Discover Beijer Tech: 150 years of experience and innovation

Decentralized business responsibility and strong business focus are cornerstones of our management philosophy.  Our subsidiaries have complete management teams in charge of the local operations.

The companies within Beijer Tech improve their customers’ productivity and competitiveness by:

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Honorary Dr. Anders Wall announces one of many grants to charities and research organizations. Photo: Cecilia Liljeton

Today Beijer Tech is a part of the Beijer Alma group.  Beijer Alma is a listed on NASDAQ OMX with the Anders Wall family and associated foundations as the main shareholders.  The Wall foundations donate large amounts of money to research, education and culture each year.  Beijer Tech and its subsidiaries draw inspiration from Dr. Anders Wall’s successful career as a business person, entrepreneur and patron.

Beijer Tech historia

Beijer Tech originates from G&L Beijer which was founded in the city of Malmö, Sweden, by the brothers Gottfried and Lorens Beijer in the mid 19:th century.  The company has throughout its history been active in trading and has always put high focus on helping its customers finding products and solutions to increase their competitiveness.  During the past 150 years we have questioned old truths and our curiosity still inspires us to improve further.

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