Our subsidiaries

Beijer Tech is active in industrial trading and manufacturing.  Our businesses offer customized industrial supplies, components, machines, service and production solutions.  Our operations are organized in the two business areas Fluid Technology and Industrial Products.  More information about our businesses can be found on each subsidiary’s Web site by following the links below.

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Beijer Tech Fluid Technology

Lundgrens Sweden

A leading Nordic wholesaler of fluid technology related products.  The company offers more than 35 000 articles within hoses, couplings, rubber, chemicals, hydraulics, transmissions, and sealings.

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Lundgrens Norway

Through the acquisition of Codan AS, Lundgrens has established itself on the Norwegian market with its wide product assortment and accurate delivery precision.  The Norwegian business is based out of Oslo and offers short lead times to the entire Norwegian market.

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Packningar & Plast

Packningar & Plast is a complete supplier to the Swedish industry of high quality customized sealings and plastics products with short lead times.  Since 2019, Packningar & Plast is incorporated in Lundgrens Sverige AB. 

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Svenska Brandslangsfabriken AB (Svebab) is the leading Nordic producer of fire hoses.  Svebab’s fire hoses are well known around the world for its high quality and innovative designs.

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PA Ventiler

PA Ventiler conducts sales of valves, primarily to the pulp & paper industry as well as the chemical and petrochemical industry.

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Beijer Tech industrial products

Beijer Tech Industrial Products

Beijers Sweden

Beijer Industri (Beijers) is a technology-oriented trading company focused on supplies, raw materials, machines and equipment to the industry.  Beijers’ employees have wide technical experiences from many industries.

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Karlebo offers a market leading machine assortment within additive manufacturing, die casting, foundry and surface finishing.  In addition to equipment, Karlebo offers a comprehensive service concept which increases the life span of the customers’ equipment.

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Tebeco is Sweden’s leading supplier of machinery and supplies for surface finishing and water jet cutting.  The suppliers within each technology field are carefully selected to enable efficient and customized solutions.

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PMU is focused on industrial service, maintenance, manufacturing and installation for the manufacturing industry.  PMU is a complete partner with experienced designers and inhouse manufacturing.

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Beijers Finland

Beijers Finland is a technology-oriented trading company that delivers supplies, machinery and equipment to the industry.  Beijers represents leading suppliers in the steel and foundry sectors.

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Uudenmaan Murskaus

Uuudenman Murskaus is a part of Beijers Finland and delivers wear parts and spear parts for stone crushers.  The assortment is focused on high quality products with long lifetime.

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KTT Tekniikka

KTT Teknikka offers service and spare parts for mechanical power transmission.  The company is present in several locations across Finland and targets a wide range of industries.

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Norspray offers rental equipment, tools and consumables for the surface treatment industry.  The company is based in Stavanger, Norway, but is active all over Europe and in the rest of the world. 

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Beijers Norway

Beijers Norway is a technology-oriented trading company that focuses on supplies, machinery and equipment for the Norwegian foundry and manufacturing industry.  Beijers Norway is nowadays a part of Norspray. 

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Preben Z

Preben Z offers market leading supplies and equipment for surface treatment e.g. cutting, deburring, grinding and polishing.  The company has a broad customer base across Denmark and internationally.

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Encitech is a Swedish company with long experience of construction, manufacturing and global distribution of electrical components.  The main business is manufacturing of hoods and connectors but also distribution of well-known external brands.

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INUstyr is active in building automation systems and offers energy efficient solutions for public and private customers in Sweden. The company focuses on complete solutions for indoor environments through system integration and coordination, particularly in commercial and specialized Buildings.

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