Beijer Tech acquires Mountpac AB

Beijer Tech has today acquired the majority of the shares in Mountpac AB, a manufacturer and supplier of customized components in different materials.

Mountpac was founded in 2001 as an installation and packaging company. Through a strong customer focus and responsive approach, the company has since transformed into a complete supplier with extensive customer collaborations. With its proprietary sheet manufacturing and a broad supplier base, Mountpac assists its customers with everything from individual customized stamping parts to complex products, often with full responsibility from construction to packing and distribution. The company has 16 employees and sales of about MSEK 50 with favorable profitability.


The acquisition is in line with Beijer Alma’s model for value-adding acquisitions and Beijer Tech’s strategy of acquiring profitable companies in attractive niches with good growth potential and high value add.


“Through its customer-focused strategy and flexibility, Mountpac has delivered profitable growth for a long time and established a long-standing relationship with its customers. The company’s niche profile, attractive growth and customer-centric dialogue are well aligned with our acquisition strategy. I therefore look forward to continuing to develop Mountpac together with the minority owners,” says Staffan Johansson, President of Beijer Tech.


“We are pleased to welcome Beijer Tech as a long-term industrial owner. We look forward to continuing to grow our business in a decentralised structure with the support of Beijer Tech’s network, expertise and capacity to invest for profitable growth,” says Samuel Wärnelöv, President of Mountpac.


Through the transaction, Beijer Tech has acquired 85 percent of the shares in Mountpac and 100 percent of the shares in Mountpac Fastigheter AB. Both acquisitions will close today. Following the transaction, the three former owners will remain as operating minority owners to further develop the company. The acquisition is expected to have a marginal positive impact on Beijer Alma’s earnings per share.

If you have any questions, please contact:

President and CEO of Beijer Alma, Henrik Perbeck, +46 18 15 71 60

About Beijer Alma AB

Beijer Alma AB is an international industrial group focused on component production and industrial trading. The Group includes three subsidiaries: Lesjöfors, one of Europe’s largest spring manufactures; Habia Cable, one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of custom-designed cables; and Beijer Tech, which holds strong positions in Nordic industrial trading and manufacturing in niche markets.

Beijer Alma is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm Mid Cap list.


Beijer Alma’s subsidiary Beijer Tech acquires Mountpac AB

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