Beijer Tech acquires Novosystems

Beijer Alma’s subsidiary Beijer Tech has today acquired 75 percent of the

shares in Novosystems AB, Novosystems Östergötland AB and Novosystems

Småland AB.

Novosystems is active in building automation systems and offers energy-efficient solutions

for public and private customers in Sweden. The company focuses on complete solutions for

indoor environments through system integration and coordination, particularly in

commercial and specialized buildings. The corporate group’s sales amount to approximately

MSEK 50 with favorable profitability. In operational terms, Novosystems will be included in

Beijer Tech’s subsidiary INUstyr to build a stronger player in the Swedish market.

Beijer Tech’s President, Staffan Johansson, commented on the transaction: “The acquisition

of Novosystems is important for Beijer Tech when it comes to achieving our goal of

continuing to grow in the area of building automation. Novosystems is a well-managed niche

company with a very strong market position. I’m pleased that we were able to complete this

acquisition and can now expand this exciting area of Beijer Tech.”

After the sale of the majority stake, the previous joint owners will remain in place as minority

owners and, in their operative roles, will further develop the operations together with the

INU group. Novosystems’ Chairman, Magnus Larsson, commented on the transaction: “For

those of us at Novosystems, this feels like the right step in our ongoing journey of growth.

We are convinced that in Beijer Tech and INU, we have found the right partners for the

development of the company alongside new and existing customers.”

INUstyr’s CEO, Anders Eriksson, commented on the transaction: “With Novosystems as our

sister company, we will have the opportunity to expand our customer offering even further,

both geographically and in terms of our expertise.”

Beijer Alma’s CEO, Henrik Perbeck, commented on the transaction: “Beijer Tech is continuing

to pursue its strategy of acquiring companies in attractive niches and is now expanding in a

growth area.”

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